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This brings us to handloading.

The No. A charge of 2. If the. In past years hollow-base bullet molds were not hard to find.

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Today they are. Commercially made bullets cast of a soft alloy are available from Buffalo Arms of Sandpoint, Idaho. I do have a hollow-base bullet mold for a gr.

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RN from a now out-of-business manufacturer. When shooting black powder these are lubed with black powder-friendly SPG. That said I have over rounds of good. WCs meant for. I load them over 3. Two words of warning: 1 If shooting a black-powder era.

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Otherwise the powder chamber of the shorter. The bottom line?

A Western-style. Buffalo Arms Ph: www.

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Bullets, Handloading Tips In the s. As this yard group shows, those hollow-base WCs group very well. Final Note Two words of warning: 1 If shooting a black-powder era.

We think you'd be interested in this, too. Taking Care of Conversely, the Bodyguard has a double-action-only DAO system. Since there is no hammer to cock, the user must go through the heavier DA trigger pull for every shot.

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This requires steady hands and lots of practice to stay on target. The upside is there is an additional layer of safety with the heavier trigger and no hammer to snag during a draw. Also, the Bodyguard can be fired from within a jacket pocket since there is no hammer to be impeded by surrounding material. This means you can keep your hand on the weapon without anyone being the wiser. Going to the range and putting these little shooters through the paces gave me a better understanding of what each offered in terms of features and performance. To keep the playing field as level as possible, I shot both only in DA mode.

Both revolvers utilize an integral sear sight channel that is less than ideal. However, these budget-priced handguns are intended to be used within close proximity to a target. This is a good thing, as the black front sights on these guns are next to useless in low light. This means you can replace it with a more visible alternative.

There is a relief cut behind the triggerguard that is significantly deeper than that on the This allows for a higher grip more in line with the barrel and a shorter reach to the trigger. Again, this could be a pro or con depending on your hand size. The DA trigger pull on each revolver was pretty standard. The had a pull weight of Though heavier, the trigger pull on the Taurus actually felt much smoother. Both revolvers held their own when it came to accuracy. Shooting off-hand at 7 yards, I was able to consistently get groups under 1.

The Taurus had the edge in the accuracy department, with its best group coming in at under an inch at 7 yards.

1. Dillinger served in the Navy.

However, it was a little harder to control because of the thinner and narrower grip. As always, there are no absolutes. Either way, both products will serve you well provided you pick the right tool for the right job and circumstance.

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