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Is it that only self-destructive people enter, or are we are all self-destructive? Almost nobody commits suicide, but everybody is self-destructive. When I realized that everyone I knew had self-destructive impulses, that interested me. It has something to do with the relationship between construction and destruction.

Anyway, as an atheist, my belief system as to how we happen to be here is: Evolution is a product of mutation. It all makes sense. One way Garland distances himself from the difference between what he intended to write and public reaction is to see audiences as participants who bring their own perspectives.

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There is something frustrating about the number of films so explicit in themselves … there is nothing to think about when you leave the cinema, nothing to discuss. I find that makes the films truly forgettable in a literal way. What are you remembering or continuing to turn over? How could that be a good thing? We have a shared intention, everybody is bringing their version of that intention. What you have is framed and shot as arranged by the DP and VFX, a group of people in concert asking themselves what is beautiful and what has been done before.

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I spread it out, see what people think. Is Wes Anderson an auteur? Yes, he is. His fingerprint is everywhere. Are there auteurs who think they are auteurs? There are very few authors. He especially decries the possessory credit. If a DP was not an important part of the creation of the aesthetic of the filming, why would production companies fight over DPs? We are working in a medium where you use the options that are correct for that project.

We drift through it and forget. You have a president who is now more able to survive an election campaign than in a previous era. Amnesia is part of it. Nothing has consequence. Source : "Mary's Family Connections," , pg.

Mary-Ella Henderson was born at A. Clar, A. Attorney, M.

Source : Birth Certificate. Alex D. New York, N. He was mourned by his family and associates. By Mr. Henderson had become Vice-president and a director of CPC.

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He would hold that post until The California Perfume Co. A brochure was printed about that and listed A. Henderson was Vice-President in charge of Purchases. He would buy the ingredients from which everything in the CPC line was made. The family moved into a large two-story home in Tallman, New York. They lived in Tallman for four years. They had a chauffeur, cook, and an upstairs maid. His polo pony, Ginger, was kept in the barn. The 5-acre property had an apple orchard.

His mother-in-law Anthony had a lovely cottage on the property behind the orchard. When the depression hit in , Mr. McConnell cancelled the dividends on the Common stock of the California Perfume Company, and their income was cut in half. Source : Avon Outlook. The family spent winters in Palm Beach, Florida. See photo of Mr. Henderson and Alex on the beach. The Alexander Dawson, Inc. Ella B. Henderson transferred securities she held to the company in exchange for shares in company stock. The first meeting between the board members of the Alexander Dawson, Inc.

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Three directors were elected: Ella B. Henderson, Alexander D. Henderson, and Girard B. Alex married Lucia Maria Ernst , whom he met at Avon. Part of the "Avon Family", Mr. In the Avon Outlook, described "he has inherited much of the financial ability of his father plus a wide knowledge of markets, both of selling and buying in the cosmetic field, and of finished and raw materials.

He is interested in the designing of new packages, and the redesigning of old ones. He works very closely with the Laboratory.

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The Avon Outlook Supplement listed A. Source : The Avon Outlook. He worked on selling and buying in the cosmetic field and was interested in designing new packaging. He worked closely with the Laboratory in Suffern. Source The Avon Outlook. Henderson's mother, Mrs. Funeral services were held at her home Jan. A special meeting of the board of directors for Alexander Dawson Inc.

He also appeared in the local newspapers for golf tournaments he was in from — , all saying he was living in Pelham, New York. His parents home in Suffern Park caught fire as workmen were engaged in tearing it down. The Suffern and Tallman fire departments saved the partly demolished building from complete destruction. Henderson, with his wife Lucy, joined his brother, Girard B. Henderson at Lady's Island. Jerry wanted to help the war effort by patrolling the Carolina cost for U-boats and growing crops on his acre farm in Beaufort, South Carolina.

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The annual meeting of stockholders for Alexander Dawson Inc. The minutes note a motion that was made and seconded to elect four directors for one year: A. Henderson, G. Henderson, Lucy B. Henderson, and Theodora Henderson. In addition the minutes stated the amount of shares each stockholder owned.

Henderson and his brother, G. Henderson, were listed as Directors in the annual report for Allied Products, Inc. The minutes show that the bylaws were amended to provide that meetings of the stockholders could be held anywhere in continental United States.

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The Corporation accountant was noted as Mr. Adolph Manson, who prepared the balance sheet and the Profit and Loss statement. On of the annual meeting of stockholders for Alexander Dawson Inc. The minutes state that that the Chairman announced that he and the Secretary had acted during the past year as the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors.

That they had declared dividends to be paid on the preferred and common stock and had attended all the Stockholders meetings of Allied Products Inc.