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Who can use the site? How to register with AlphaGalileo? Do you peer review postings? How do you ensure the quality of news on the site? Why do I need to provide a referee? Who could be my referee? What is an embargo? Who can see embargoed news?

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How do I know my press release has been accepted? How long will it take for my news item to be visible on the site? How long will my item remain on the site? How do I know how many people have looked at my release? How can I correct a mistake in my item? How do I set my email alerts? How do I stop receiving email alerts? Why can I not see any journalists in the address book? What are the software requirements for accessing the site?

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Will I be bombarded with junk mail if I register? My browser can't access the site What attachments can I post on AlphaGalileo? AlphaGalileo is the world's independent source of research news in science, health, technology, the arts, humanities, social sciences and business. Our objective is to promote the achievements and significance of research to the world's media. Receiving research news from recognised scientific bodies, we provide journalists from all over the world with hour-a-day access to press releases, event details, publication announcements, multimedia items, contributors' address book and background media information.

AlphaGalileo's mission is to assist the world's media by providing research news in science and technology, health, the arts, humanities, social sciences and business, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The service operates as a single shop window for the press offices of research bodies. AlphaGalileo's objectives are to enhance media coverage of research with these audiences and aims in mind:.

It combines two foundations of scientific culture: the Greek language and one of the first scientists, the Italian Galileo Galilei. Who manages the AlphaGalileo service? AlphaGalileo is managed by the AlphaGalileo Foundation.


Managing Director - Peter Green Peter Green has worked in advertising and public relations for all of his career. From the early 's he worked as a UK government publicity and press officer for scientific and technical departments.

His international experience includes film-making in Eastern Europe, the chairmanship of an international publishing initiative and membership of an European Space Agency publicity task force. In Peter established AlphaGalileo Foundation as an independent not-for-profit company. Peter is a Board Member of Euroscience. He has worked as Chief Operating Officer for several new media ventures and specialises in repositioning and business development as well as media operations.

From he has worked with several television and internet companies across Europe. Derek combines his media experience with a degree in computer science. The AlphaGalileo service operates on subscriptions and commercial sponsorships. We recommend using email in order to contact AlphaGalileo as the team works from offices across England and while travelling.

Being online based, we can guarantee instantaneous round-the-clock access to the most recent information. Journalists can read press releases at any time of the day or night wherever they have access to the internet. Researchers and public relations staff can be sure that their news is immediately available, subject to approval. The public can browse the site but there are also two categories of users who can register with AlphaGalileo: contributors and journalists.

Contributors are research public relations staff or press officers from research organisations. They can post press releases, event information and other material. They cannot see embargoed material unless they have posted it themselves. Within the sorority she played such an integral part in founding, she served as national treasurer for 23 years, was a charter member and president of Omega Omega Chapter in Philadelphia and was the only member ever to be named Honorary Supreme Basileus International President.

She also held the position of chairman on both the constitution and bylaws and nominating committees. After graduating as valedictorian in , Slowe began her teaching career at Douglass High School in Baltimore and later moved back to the District of Columbia to teach in high schools there.

Because of her passion and strong-willed nature, Marie Woolfolk was selected by Ethel Hedgeman to help her make the case for a sorority to the Howard administration in the fall of Once the sisterhood was established, Woolfolk served as its first secretary, was a member of the first Constitution and Bylaws committee, she extended invitations to the Howard sophomores who were eventually added to the founding group.

She became the chartering president of Kappa Omega Chapter in Atlanta. To satisfy her desire to pursue a career in social work upon graduation, Woolfolk received post-graduate training as the only African-American student at Schauffler Missionary Training School in Cleveland, OH. With the exception of Ethel Hedgeman Lyle, the original group of nine women was comprised of college seniors. To ensure the continuity of the organization, seven Class of honor students who had expressed interest were invited to join without initiation. After graduating in , she began her teaching career at Manassas Institute, her former high school in Virginia and at other schools in North Carolina, New York and South Carolina.

While engaged in a DC-based teaching career that spanned nearly 40 years, Boyd consistently rendered community service as a lifelong protector and advocate for civil liberties. Her diligence on this front earned her the distinction of being named an accredited observer of non-governmental organizations for the United Nations. After the sorority was chartered as Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Jones was installed as vice president of the first board of directors directorate.

It was there that she married her husband George in and then moved with him to Chicago where he was to pursue his graduate studies and then to Kansas City, KS, where he accepted a teaching position. At that time, the now Mrs.

Mowbray was an active member of the local PTA and developed and actualized her passion for the culinary arts by becoming a caterer. She joined Mu Omega chapter upon its chartering in Kansas City in It has been said that some of the ivy that grows on the grounds of Howard University to this day were planted there by Meriwether, who had a penchant for planting cuttings in prevalent spots throughout the campus.

Her involvement in the sorority was so strong that it induced interest in her mother Mary Robinson Meriwether, who was inducted as an honorary member in After graduating and moving to Charleston, WV with her husband T. She quickly became an integral part of the literary and social activities sponsored by the group that benefitted the members and the public.

She was also a gifted writer, noted for her poetry, prose and cultural commentary. Upon her graduation in with a degree in liberal arts and pedagogy, Murray lost contact with Alpha Kappa Alpha. There are also pocket mods you craft for clothing to reduce encumbrance very early game. It is possible to have zero encumbrance with no pack mule perks now, you just have to get the right gear. Death Loop Improvements Many players complained about getting into death loops or cheap deaths in the game at times when they were not taking risks.

The death debuff has been changed from lowering attributes health and stamina to losing XP resulting in less cheap back to back deaths. After a player dies during a blood moon, zombies will no longer know where you are and normal stealth rules apply. If you re-engage an enemy, blood moon behaviors recommence.

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We lowered the default difficulty from Nomad to Adventurer since A18 is a little harder with the new zombie rage speed boosting behavior. Some animals now have a chance to flee when damaged in combat. Bleeding does less damage per second and armor reduces the chance to bleed dramatically. Melee hit Detection and Glancing Blows Some folks gave us feedback about how you would swing and miss zombies too often.

Melee Impact Audio Polish To improve upon the existing melee sounds, we have gone through our melee weapons and added new crunchier impacts. Animation Polish We expanded our animation team and they have been kick-ass on polishing and making all first person animations more fluid, snappy and satisfying.

New Infection, Dysentery, and Stun Changes New infection system — Infection is easier to contract when you have low health than high health. Stun System — Armor greatly reduces chances for being stunned. New Books and Schematics We have added 16 book sets to the game the game with total unique books.

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The Great Heist — Gain perks that help you become a master thief. Lucky Looter — Each volume helps you find more specific items in loot. The Night Stalker — Become the ultimate assassin and gain stealth and combat bonuses at night. Magnum Enforcer — Maximize the capabilities of the. Batter Up! Wasteland Treasures — Learn to to harvest new materials from various objects to become the ultimate junk collector of the apocalypse. The Hunters Journal — Do more damage against different types of animals with each volume.

The Art of Mining — Enhance your life as a miner with new craftable equipment and mining tricks to one-shot ore!


Rangers Guide to Archery — Become the ultimate archer with this set of books. You can even craft exploding arrows. Pistol Pete — Master the use of 9mm weapons with this set of books. Shotgun Messiah — Become the action hero you always dreamed of with this complimentary set of books Sniper — If exploding heads is your thing, look no further.

Craft special ammunition, ghillie suits and more! The automatic weapons handbook — Learn every trick in the book about machine guns. Urban Combat — Become the ultimate commando with Urban combat and look like a sexual tyrannosaurus. Spears — Spears have great range and can be thrown. From stone, iron and steel, there is a spear for you. Steel spears are loot or schematic craft only. Primary attack jabs and secondary attack performs a power attack that charges up the spear and releasing throws it.