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Lopez Obrador has pledged a more holistic approach. But his efforts to reduce poverty and create more job opportunities for at-risk youth have not yet translated into safer streets, and the Jalisco cartel has continued to carry out bold acts of violence. The Jalisco cartel has been making an especially aggressive push in Michoacan, the home state of its year-old leader, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes.

In , amid a crackdown by Mexican authorities that splintered the drug world, Oseguera broke away and formed the Jalisco cartel.

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  • U.S. women and children killed, burned alive in Mexico ambush | WHP.

State officials said the police were enforcing a judicial order in El Aguaje when they were ambushed. Some local media reported that the attack was waged from an armed convoy of 20 vehicles. Photographs of the aftermath of the attack show blue-and-white police vehicles in flames.

In audio recordings published on a local media website, officers can be heard begging for backup over police scanners. About Us. Brand Publishing. Times News Platforms. Real Estate. Facebook Twitter Show more sharing options Share Close extra sharing options.

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The Dallas officers killed were Senior Cpl. Michael J. Smith, 55; and Officer Patrick Zamarripa. Counselors at El Centro College were offering assistance to students and faculty who were locked down at the downtown campus for about five hours Thursday night and Friday morning. A makeshift memorial still sat at the flagpoles outside Bank of America Plaza, where flags still fly at half staff. The flowers, though, have wilted after two days in the summer heat.

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There were also several community events , both small and large, scheduled this weekend to honor the victims. The wounds are fresh and the funerals have yet to happen.

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But political leaders and activists are still weighing in on the deadly event following Thursday's peaceful protest of police shootings in Minnesota and Louisiana. On Friday, a pair of prominent Texas leaders struck different tones with their statements and comments. No more will we allow the evil of hate merchants to tear us apart. What hypocrites! Here's a roundup of other comments from politicians, including presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The group includes a coalition of predominantly black and predominantly white churches. While there is a racial divide here, policing controversies that plagued other cities -- from Baltimore to Ferguson, Mo.

Community leaders have credited Dallas Police Chief David Brown , who is black, and his predecessor with their outreach efforts. Royce West. Click here for more stories, images and video. Mayor Mike Rawlings said Friday that Johnson was believed to be the lone gunman. On Saturday morning, friends and family of the victims continued the mourning process while law enforcement's investigated methodically marched along. Johnson suggested the attack was racially motivated by revenge.

Protesters and police coexisted peacefully Thursday night during the march the preceded the shootings. Some protesters even tweeted pictures of them posing with smiling officers. Americans of all races and all backgrounds are rightly outraged about the inexcusable attacks on police," he said, calling the shooter "demented. In video footage of the rampage, the gunman can be seen lumbering toward an officer hiding behind a cement pillar outside El Centro College in downtown Dallas.

In the next instant, a series of muzzle flashes punctuate the footage, as the officer slumped to the pavement. At other times Johnson, perched inside the community college, exchanged gunfire with police. At least 12 officers shot back during the attack, police said.

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The officers were assaulted "ambush-style," Dallas Police Chief David Brown said, with some of them shot in the back. They don't have to work very hard to snipe at our officers from elevated positions, to ambush them from secure positions. The U. The Mesquite resident received several awards for his service, which ended in Johnson had no criminal record and no links to or inspiration from any international terrorist organization, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson said. Dallas and Mesquite police officers cordoned off a house Friday in Mesquite whose Helen Lane address is listed on Johnson's driver's license.

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Chase Young, who lives around the corner and a few houses down, woke up early Friday when police cruisers set off his front motion-sensor alarm. Detectives and crime-scene technicians on Friday removed bags from the home before leaving just before a. Among their findings: bomb-making materials, ballistic vests, rifles, ammunition and a personal journal of combat tactics.

County Judge Clay Jenkins said Johnson had written in his journal about the "shoot and move" tactic employed by Navy Seals. After interviewing the officers, investigators determined that the shooter could have been firing from multiple places, making it seem initially like more than one assailant. Caitlyn Lennon, 27, a friend and former co-worker of Johnson's, described him as a gun owner with military training who "was always very affected by the police stuff and had very strong feelings about being black. Lennon said she worked with Johnson at a sandwich shop in Richardson from to My eyes hurt from crying," Nicole Johnson wrote in a post on Facebook that she later deleted.

Brown urged Dallas to get behind its Police Department in the days to come. Thompson is the first officer to be killed in the line of duty since DART formed a police force in , spokesman Morgan Lyons said. Two civilians also were wounded. One was undergoing surgery early Friday after being shot in the right calf. Former Assistant Chief Michael Genovesi, who retired last year, said the shooting is "easily the worst thing" he has seen since he joined the department 34 years ago. He said the closest thing he remembers is when seven Dallas officers — including Chief Brown's former partner — were killed in a single-year period in and State Sen.

Royce West, who was at the protest but left before the shooting started, said he was still processing the night's events. He said he hoped to work with Gov. Greg Abbott to see what the state could do to prevent such attacks.

Drug Cartel Gunmen Kill 9 US Citizens in an Ambush in Mexico

But Genovesi, who oversaw patrol and coordinated security for major events, said such shootings are "almost impossible" to prevent. That's really hard to defend against in a democracy. Genovesi responded to last year's shooting at police headquarters. He said the latest shooting "will never be forgotten" but that the department has been resilient in the past and will eventually recover.

go Gunman told negotiator he was upset by recent police shootings. At a a. Series of flashing lights visible inside El Centro where DallasPoliceShooting suspect may be holed up. He said the man claimed to have hidden explosive devices in downtown buildings, but police had not found any bombs as of Friday morning. About a. Friday's classes were canceled. Shortly before 3 a. Dallas police Maj.

Max Geron said officials were conducting "extensive sweeps" of downtown for explosives.

About 5 a. I'm proud of our chief. After injured officers were rushed to area hospitals, five DART officers gathered in a downtown hotel, where they watched updates on an upstairs television. They declined to comment on the night's events. After the suspect was reported to be in custody, they walked together back outside, solemn-faced, and headed south on North Lamar Street toward a police barricade on Elm Street. Two Dallas icons.