Charpentes et couvertures (Maisons individuelles) (French Edition)

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The foundation concrete is BEC standardized and monitored. Crawl spaces have a minimum headroom height of 0. With its successful combination of grooved bricks and thermal breaks, Villa Speos floors offer exceptional efficiency. In addition, its thermal efficiency results in a very high-end product. Our joinery options whether traditional, in treated wood or glued, laminated timber, Nailweb or trussed, are systematically designed on a case-by-case basis.

Speos uses materials made in France, including its roof tiles. Are modifications possible once the agreement is signed? New agreements between the parties can be made in the form of contract amendments. Does Villa Speos provide plots? Villa Speos offers a selection of plots with its real estate partners but is not itself an owner.

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Villa Speos also builds on plots provided by its clients. Is it possible to have free access to the building site? Building site access is strictly regulated; visits are made by appointment with the foreman. For the duration of works carried out by the Owner, a key is provided. Is the price specified in the contract the final price? Can Villa Speos assist in locating financing?

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When do payments start on the house? From the time the plot is acquired, the bank charges interest during construction proportionate to the sums released. What does Villa Speos propose in order to meet seismic standards?

For each building project a full survey is conducted by a specialized firm. What geographic area does Villa Speos operate in? What if someone I referred hires Villa Speos to build a home? How much time is needed to complete a building project? If the plot has been reserved, from 12 to 18 months. Does Villa Speos offer soil surveys? Soil surveys are not systematically offered, but may be advised following a site visit by the design office.

Does the price include obtaining planning permission? Under a "construction contract based on plans provided" contrat de construction avec fourniture de plans the builder manages all the administrative steps required to obtain planning permission, based on the urban planning documents provided. Does the price include the legally-required guarantees? Does Villa Speos offer homes which are totally complete fencing, landscaping, public services, kitchen, painting, etc.

Yes, Villa Speos has many years of experience working with selected partners to offer clients a turnkey solution. Wallpaper, painting, connections to public services, fencing and landscaping. What are the ancillary costs involved in a construction project? To obtain further information, please fill out all or a part of the form below.

Any information thus provided shall remain strictly confidential. Time slot 8 am pm 12 am pm 14 am pm. I agree with the terms and conditions. The legacy of brick Renewed energy Villa Speos has chosen to apply its traditional know-how to innovative purposes. Villa Speos has applied human experience to the inherent advantages of brick. The adapted grooved surface helps to ensure safer assembly. To the nobleness of traditional building methods Villa Speos has added the reliability of modern construction techniques. The foundations and horizontal and vertical quoins in reinforced concrete help strengthen the building.

The wood frame and quality exterior joinery blend beautifully with the patinated roman roof tiles. True to the local architectural heritage, the exterior renderings include all the nuances of ochre found in the region. NF-certified materials A soil survey is proposed for specific construction conditions. Crawl space and floor The foundation concrete is BEC standardized and monitored. Joinery — roofing Our joinery options whether traditional, in treated wood or glued, laminated timber, Nailweb or trussed, are systematically designed on a case-by-case basis.

An extra thickness of paint enhances the frames of certain windows and doors. The bathrooms are naturally fitted with tilt-and-turn windows. You will find a large selection of entry and interior soundproof doors in our showroom. Partitions and insulation Our partitions and linings are built on galvanized steel structures that efficiently meet seismic standards. The mm thick partitions are soundproofed with PAR45, a specific noise treatment product.

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Flooring and tiles One of our specially trained consultants will show you around our large showroom and assist you in your tile selection. Interior design services are provided to help you achieve a harmonious bathroom tile look. Our homes feature tile flooring with matching skirting boards. Choose from a vast selection in classes 4 and 5 heavy-duty quality. Bathrooms Walk-in showers, designer vanities, faucets, bathtubs and wall-mounted toilets… the possibilities are endless with our partner Jacob Delafon! The installation is decided by appointment with our on-site team during the partitioning phase.

Hot water is produced by electrically-driven compressor, solar, heat pump or simple electric water heaters.

Villa Speos "Clean building sites". Villa Speos has always been conscious of the environment. Lampugnani et R. Schneider dir. Expressionismus und Neue Sachlichkeit, op.

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