Después de medianoche (Mira) (Spanish Edition)

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I had to learn about how touchy things are over there compared to Spain. I live 30 minutes from Fregenal, I am quite a rural boy.

However, I love travelling and I just spent a few days in NYC, so the only thing I can say is that nothing is worse, nothing is better, it is just different! Hola, encantada de leerte. Hay que viajar y conocer otros mundos. Curiously enough, being Spanish but coming from a big city Madrid I had a similar experience when I arrived to Athlone Ireland. I was used to get things done quickly but in rural Ireland things go slow and people always have time for catching up with neighbours in the middle of the street, even if they are driving their cars and they stop in the middle of the street.

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The bus to Dublin is always late, around 20 minutes, minimum. Life stops the days of the All-Ireland hurling final. And of course, if you are walking or even driving in a small country road, passers by will say hello to you. Un abrazo y gracias. Hi Cass. I promise to follow your blog, I love your point of view.

Greetings, Rafa. Hi, Cassie!! Nice to meet you!! Espero que tu vuelta a la gran manzana vaya bien. Great article at your blog. Is great that you discovered the villages in Spain, going to Madrid or Barcelona would have been a change but not so much. Made me feel the time i moved to a village with 10 inhavitants and no electricity after all my live in Madrid.

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Great experience also. Hola Casiedilla! Me he divertido muuuuuuuuuuucho leyendo tus aventuras en Frenegal de la Sierra. Cartagena es una ciudad grande, de unos Besos, Juan Carlos. Wow Casie! People there are just incredible, and I have to find a least five days a year to visit them and enjoy life in Extremadura. Thank you so much for your post! Great post! My husband and I are considering moving to Spain to retire. We went there to attend TBEX and my husband and my son fell in love with the area. I totally agree with the everything you wrote about.

I loved the eating times thing too. Loved it. When I worked in Madrid it was a 2 hour lunch with your co-workers just enjoying each others company. No work talk.

It was a shock to me but I grew to enjoy the break! We are pretty much done with New Jersey and ready for a new adventure!

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I totally know how you feel! It seems we are on the same path; from the Tri-State area, headed towards Spain!

Oh, boy! I can relate! I adore Spain, though I have never spent time in any small town darn it! First went in to Madrid as an exchange student. First returned 27 years later and keep going back. It decided my career teaching Spanish and French and changed my attitude toward materialism not as much as visits to Honduras and Guatemala did, but hey!

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At 70, on my bucket list is spending at least a month. Edging up to it this fall, with two weeks. Thank you, thank you, for the photo of the Cruzcampo beer! And heavens! Eating off plates of other people! Loved reading this blog post. My daughter had an exchange student from Badajoz this year, so you can bet we will get to Extremadura eventually. Good luck with that reverse culture shock!

A mi me ocurre a la inversa. I can relate to all of this We moved to Extremadura just over a year ago, our village has about people, never have I felt more at home and more welcomed. We are older than you, but would not change our lives here for anythng. Un beso! Excelent, real lovely blog! From Seville, Francisco. I loved so much for post, thank you for such great opinions about my country.

But for me it more interesting living in NY…btw I am from Valencia.

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Cassie, I know what you felt. I know exactly what you felt because I feel it every time we visit the town. Hope you can come back to Spain and visit Madrid. Let us know! Nice read! Hey Casie, loved your post! If you need any info on moving to Madrid, my new home as well, feel free to email. Un abrazo guapa!! Such an amazing text, so heartwarming! I read the Spanish version in El Pais this morning and it drew a huge smile on my face to start the day.

I love the buzz of a big city, but oh I miss my little town, the life and the people.

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Good luck with your future! This is amazing! This post got me back to my culture, to the truly important things in live. Thanks for sharing with all of us your experience! Your story really shaked things inside of me, Casie. Thanks Cassie for your words.

I really miss Extremadura. I grew up in Coria. I have been living in different cities like Salamanca, Valencia, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Milan and now I am living in London and nothing like Extremadura. Can you imaging how much do I miss the sun? Best, Fran.