Die Grüne Revolution am Raumbeispiel Indiens (German Edition)

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In: Frank, A. Frankel, R. Economic Gains and Political Costs. Princeton University Press, Princeton Friedmann, J. In: Hansen, N. Free Press, New York Edward Arnold, London Catalogues of the first two of these collections have been published. It may further be mentioned that a large proportion of the India Office records are duplicated by those in various Record Offices in India, and it is sometimes [S.

Much has been done of late years to fill up gaps, in the India Office series by obtaining transcripts from India, and this process is still going on. Certain duplicates of documents in the Factory and Home Miscellaneous series in the India Office have not yet been put in order, and are not referred to in the text.

Access to such of the India Office records as are not regarded as still confidential is readily granted for purposes of historical research. Applications should be addressed to the Registrar and Superintendent of Records. For information from the ecclesiastical returns of baptisms, marriages, and burials it is necessary to apply to the Accountant-General. The volumes dealt with in this little handbook are estimated to number about forty-eight thousand. To re-examine the whole of these was manifestly impossible, although as a matter of fact several hundreds of them have been specially consulted for the purpose ; and it has been necessary therefore to depend largely on the press lists already compiled.

This must be in part the excuse for any errors or omissions which may be discovered. Colonel Tod and his Jain guru [a. III, Frontispiece]. Quellen in Regionalsprachen. In his uncle, Patrick Heatly, procured him an East Indian cadetship, and, after a course of instruction at Woolwich, he proceeded March to Bengal, where he was posted to the 2nd European regiment, his commission bearing date 9 Jan.

Volunteering for service with Lord Wellesley's projected expedition to the Moluccas, he served for a short time with the marines on board the Mornington. Appointed on 29 May lieutenant in the 14th Bengal infantry, he went up country; and in , when stationed at Delhi, was ordered to survey an old canal in the neighbourhood. In he was attached to the escort sent with Graeme Mercer, envoy and resident at Sindhia's court.

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While travelling with the maharaja's camp, and afterwards from to when it remained at Gwalior, he was constantly engaged either in surveying or in collecting topographical information. In he submitted a map to the governor-general Lord Hastings , in which for the first time the term 'Central India' was applied to the collection of native states now under the Central India agency.

Rajputana was also included in the area of his researches.

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The journals of all these routes, with others from Central and Western India, form eleven moderate-sized folio volumes' Annals of Rajasthan, ii. Most of his extra salary was spent in paying his native explorers. In October he was promoted captain, with command of the resident's escort; and in October the resident, Richard Strachey, nominated him second assistant. When Lord Hastings, in , began operations against the Pindharis, Tod's local knowledge became invaluable. He had already sent in reports on the Pindharis and plans of a campaign, and on volunteering for service was sent to Rowtah in Haraoti, where he organised and superintended an intelligence department, which in the governor-general's opinion 'materially contributed to the success of the campaign.

In , after the chiefs of Rajputana had accepted the protective alliance offered to them, Tod was appointed by the governor-general political agent in the western Rajput states, and was so successful in his efforts to restore peace and confidence that within less than a year some three hundred deserted towns and villages were repeopled, trade revived, and, in spite of the abolition of transit duties and the reduction of frontier customs, the state revenue had reached an amount never before known.

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During the next five years. Tod earned the respect of both the chiefs and the people ; and was able to rescue more than one princely family, including that of the ranas of Udaipur, from the destitution to which they had been reduced by Mahratta raiders.

Bishop Heber, who travelled through Rajputana in February , was told that the country had never known prosperity till Tod came, and that every one, rich or poor, except thieves or Pindharis, loved him. He left Bombay for England in February , and never returned.

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The remainder of his life was mostly spent in arranging and publishing the immense mass of materials amassed during his Indian career. He also acted for a time as librarian to the Royal Asiatic Society, before which he read several papers on his favourite subjects. On 1 May he was gazetted major, on 2 June , lieutenant-colonel, being retransferred to the 2nd European infantry, and on 28 June , he retired from the service.

He died on 17 Nov. On 16 Nov.

Clutterbuck, a London physician, by whom he had two sons and a daughter. Tod published, besides archaeological papers in the Royal Asiatic Society's 'Transactions' and a paper on the politics of Western India, appended to the report of the House of Commons committee on Indian affairs, :.

Journal, vol. Franzosen Abb.


The first French expedition to India is believed to have taken place in the reign of Francis I. In a company was granted letters patent by Henry IV. Fresh letters patent were issued in , and two ships went to India, only one returning. La Compagnie des Indes was formed under the auspices of Richelieu and reconstructed under Colbert , sending an expedition to Madagascar. In the French India Company sent out another expedition, which reached Surat in , where the first French factory in India was established.

Dieser Offizier war ein Kommissar der Marine und hatte sich durch langes Studium die maurische Sprache sehr zu eigen gemacht, sodass er mit dem Sultan ohne Dolmetscher sprechen konnte. Smith [ - ]. Louis XIII. James Stuart, VI. His parents, cultivators of the soil, were leaseholders, in the Barony of Etiau, of land belonging to the Canonry of St. Maurice at Angers. Charles I.