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The little story is puzzling and sobering, left inconclusive. Their motives and sense of honor differ, intergenerational expectations and strife pushing and pulling each. Ultimately grandfather and grandson are drawn together. This is a satisfying little collection, well worth reading. View all 3 comments. About Ercole Luigi Morselli.

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Ercole Luigi Morselli. Books by Ercole Luigi Morselli. Trivia About Storie da ridere No trivia or quizzes yet. Now it happened just as they turned a corner, and the little fellow was calling out "Gee-up! There goes a waggon, and the driver is calling to the horse, and yet he is nowhere to be seen.

When Tom Thumb caught sight of his father, he cried out, "Look, father, here am I with the wagon; now, take me down. When the two strangers saw him they were struck dumb with wonder. At last one of them, taking the other aside, said to him, "Look here, the little chap would make our fortune if we were to show him in the town for money. Suppose we buy him. I will soon come back again.

They asked him where he would like to sit, "Oh, put me on the brim of your hat," said he.

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And they travelled on until it grew dusk, and the little fellow asked to be set down a little while for a change, and after some difficulty they consented. Stop taunting us! Don Alfonso Gently, gently; what if I prove conclusively to you today That they're just like the others? Guglielmo It couldn't be! Ferrando Impossible! Don Alfonso Shall we bet on it? Ferrando We're on! Don Alfonso A hundred sequins. Guglielmo A thousand, if you like. Don Alfonso My hand on it!

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Ferrando Both hands! Ferrando We swear. Don Alfonso On your honour as soldiers? Guglielmo On our honour as soldiers. Don Alfonso And you'll do Everything I tell you to? Ferrando Everything! Guglielmo Even more! Don Alfonso Well done! Ferrando We'll make merry at your expense. Guglielmo to Ferrando What shall we do with the hundred sequins?

Guglielmo In honour of Venus I will give a banquet. Don Alfonso Shall I be invited? Ferrando and Guglielmo Yes, you shall be there. Giardino sulla spiaggia del mare. Fiordiligi e Dorabella guardano un ritratto che lor pende dal fianco. A garden by the seashore. Fiordiligi and Dorabella are both gazing at miniatures hanging round their necks. Dorabella Osserva tu un poco, Che fuoco ha ne' sguardi! Se fiamma, se dardi Non sembran scoccar. Fiordiligi Si vede un sembiante Guerriero ed amante. Dorabella Si vede una faccia Che alletta e minaccia.

Fiordiligi Io sono felice. Dorabella Felice son io. Recitativo Fiordiligi Mi par che stamattina volentieri Farei la pazzarella: ho un certo foco, Un certo pizzicor entro le vene Quando Guglielmo viene Dorabella Per dirti il vero, Qualche cosa di nuovo Anch'io nell'alma provo: io giurerei Che lontane non siam dagli imenei. Fiordiligi Dammi la mano: io voglio astrologarti. Uh, che bell'Emme! Va bene: matrimonio presto. Fiordiligi Ed io non ci avrei rabbia.

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Dorabella Ma che diavol vuol dir che i nostri sposi Ritardano a venir? Fiordiligi Eccoli. Dorabella Just look, See what fire is in his eye, If flames and darts Do not seem to flash forth! Fiordiligi This is the face Of a soldier and a lover. Dorabella This is a face Both charming and alarming. Dorabella How happy I am!

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If Guglielmo knew what pranks I'll play on him when he comes! Dorabella To tell the truth, I also feel something new Stirring within me: I'd swear That we're not far from the altar. Fiordiligi Give me your hand: I want to read it.

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Well, there's a clear M; and here's a P! That's it? Marriage Prospects! Dorabella That suits me splendidly! Fiordiligi And I'll have no objections. Dorabella But why on earth do our lovers Delay in coming? It's six o'clock already. Fiordiligi There they are! Dorabella Ben venga Il signor Don Alfonso!

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Don Alfonso Riverisco. Voi piangete? Dorabella L'idol mio Don Alfonso Barbaro fato! Che farete? Recitativo Fiordiligi Stelle!

Don Alfonso Convien armarvi, Figlie mie, di costanza. Dorabella Oh Dei! Fiordiligi E morto il mio? Don Alfonso Morti Dorabella Feriti? Don Alfonso No. Fiordiligi Ammalati? Don Alfonso Neppur. Fiordiligi Che cosa, dunque? Don Alfonso Al marzial campo Ordin regio li chiama. Fiordiligi E partiran? Don Alfonso Sul fatto. Don Alfonso Gl'infelici non hanno Coraggio di vedervi. Ma se voi lo bramate, Son pronti Dorabella Dove son? Don Alfonso Amici, entrate. Fiordiligi No, it's not them: It's their friend Don Alfonso.

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