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And best of all, it focused on serving the poor, giving struggling families the best possible care at no cost. As it turned out, the woman had a kidney stone. And, thanks to you, doctors at the hospital could give Gauri the surgery and medication she needed without taking any money away from her destitute family.

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I can eat well and have regained interest in life. They have nowhere to turn for healing, and they desperately need to experience the hope that comes from Christ. Today, please pray about giving again to ease the aches and pains of another person in need.

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Help them regain interest in life—just like Gauri. Quality care gives destitute mother reason to live Health Care Print. The Fund assists a family where the doctor practised in a rural community mostly pro-bono , when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's, his family discovered that his estate was bankrupt.

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The continued existence of the fund is dependent on your donations. We appeal to each doctor in South Africa to contribute to this worthy cause. The rules of Persal does not allow for the collection of donations, thus doctors working in the public sector are requested to authorise the Benevolent Fund to collect donations by debit order.

Please register, and you will get it every month. Shekhinah is headed by David Fuseini Abdulai, a medical doctor who chose to serve the underprivileged and the destitute.

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He relies on 37 volunteers to run his health facility. His ten brothers and sisters died from curable diseases related to malnutrition. As a teenager, David Abdulai hitch-hiked to southern Ghana to do hard labour. By working, he managed to pay for his senior high school studies.

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Later, he got a scholarship to study medicine abroad. When he returned to Tamale in , he started the Shekhinah Clinic. It is a free health-care centre for people who cannot afford medical care. Patients come here from other parts of Ghana to benefit from his benevolence.

Abdulai has faced many challenges, including lack of funds to pay staff. We said we have no money to pay anybody, but you can volunteer. So the first few people came, and then more volunteers started coming.

My mother was practically a beggar, and getting a meal a day was very, very difficult. I know by my own experience what it means to be poor.

And that is what I did. Everything is financed by donations. Approximately 20, outpatients are treated every year, and 2, patients are treated in the wards.

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Around 1, operations are performed annually. Award for Peace and Social Justice. He was the fifth recipient of this prize which the USA established to honour Ghanaian citizens who personify the philosophy of the famous civil-rights leader who was murdered in Tennessee in Maxwell Suuk is a journalist and lives in Northern Ghana.

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