Kamasutra: Men of Love: The Complete Story

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According to the Kamasutra, this can put you in touch with negative or impure things. But practically, too, we think this is good advice. According to the Kamasutra, good old-fashioned milk and sugar are the champions of all aphrodisiacs which makes suhaag raat scenes in Bollywood movies fully sanskaari.

Kama Sutra

Milk was thought of as being able to dramatically increase strength and sexual vigour, and almost all of the aphrodisiac recipes in the Kamasutra are based on milk, sugar, and honey. Then there are fundas from the vajikarana from vaji , or stallion branch of Ayurveda, which had a very relaxed attitude to aphrodisiacs.

Kamasutra A Tale of Love

She mixed it with kesar saffron because the Egyptians believed it had aphrodisiac properties. In addition to having a pleasing smell, saffron taken in hot milk is supposed to have deeply calming and soothing effects on both men and women, leading to a serene environment. Scientific experiments have also shown that saffron can increase sperm motility in men, which promotes male fertility.

You may think asparagus is an angrezi vegetable served in fancy restaurants, but the fact is asparagus has lasted an impressively long time, having been considered an aphrodisiac by the ancients around the world. The Kamasutra recommends shatavari wild asparagus paste ahead of a big night.

How Kamasutra inspired my book to be more about love than sex

The Greeks, too, mentioned its aphrodisiac qualities in their love poetry. In addition to its stimulant properties, it helps reduce excess ammonia which is said to cause fatigue in the body. People have believed for years that it enhances sexual performance, and celibate communities like certain Buddhist sects avoid it.

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Should we eat some garlic and then brush our teeth like mad, we wonder? Will a mint cancel the effect? At last! An aphrodisiac with a name that sounds like an apsara celestial nymph.

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You can reasonably imagine young men and women from ancient times going on desperate quests for the mysterious ashwagandha. But sadly for our fancies and happily for those we fancy , it is another commonly found plant.

Ashwagandha also known as winter cherry and poison gooseberry, eek belongs to the nightshade family and its roots have always been used for medicinal purposes. Many people also believe that ashwagandha gives the user the strength and stamina of a horse, which is an exaggeration, of course, but a pleasant idea.

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Ashwagandha is widely reputed for its aphrodisiac properties and is also known to play a role in increasing male fertility. According to the ancients, ashwagandha may do more for men, but women should turn to fenugreek methi. Methi seeds are said to help in the synthesis of various sex hormones that are responsible for breast enlargement in women. The phytoestrogen that these seeds contain supposedly results in enlargement of the bust, while also boosting sex drive.

The Startup

There were several reasons why Sir Richard Francis Burton was paranoid about advertising his identity as translator on the book that went on to become a global bestseller—British laws on obscenity were so draconian that printing anything even vaguely sexual could show writers the door to prison. For the Kamasutra to be published then, it took some creative thinking to evade Victorian prudery.

The Sanskrit word yoni , for instance, was used in the English text for the vagina, even when Vatsyayana himself never used that word in the Sanskrit original.

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The loosely held opinion that the Kamasutra is a catalogue for boudoir gymnastics also owes much to this context: The pronounced disapproval with which topics around sexuality were viewed meant that its most colourful components acquired, ironically, a heady momentum of their own, feelings of taboo fuelling a mischievous appetite for the text. In actual fact, the Kamasutra is more than a manual for lovemaking—of the seven books that constitute its body, only the second is strictly concerned with methods of human congress. But despite such interventions and exaggerations, even in that first translation, of odd pages, he could devote only 40 to this theme.

The remainder of the Kamasutra , in fact, offers a much wider series of discussions for the benefit of its wealthy and primarily male audience, covering not only sex but also matters of aesthetics and more. In these sections, then, the Kamasutra might well have been inspired by cold, calculating Chanakya and his utterly pragmatic Arthashastra. And if a patron were no longer capable of providing the aforementioned money and goods, he was to be discarded at once.