Make A Living As A Painting Contractor

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Painting a home is fun, but it might not be as easy as often portrait in those romantic movies. The bulk of most paint jobs goes to preparing the surface.

Why Start a Painting Business?

Without proper preparation, the surface might not hold paint as it should and the result will neither be attractive nor long-lasting. Once you decide on your paint color, a professional painting contractor will start with thorough surface preparation. Depending on the nature of your current paint job, the process typically involves scraping, sanding, caulking, and applying a primer before actual painting can happen.

They understand that however high-quality your paint might be, without effective surface preparation, the paint will start flaking and peeling sooner than later.

What To Know When You Start Working for a Painting Contractor Company

During DIY painting, some of your major worries will be not being able to paint clean lines, missing some spots accidentally and painting too thick or too thin. Experts have a natural hand for painting straight lines. In addition, they know the proper way to tape edges and know which brush or roller works best on the type of wall you have. Since this is what they do for a living, you can be rest assured that your paint job is in good hands.

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When it comes to painting the interior of your home in Phoenix, Scottsdale or paradise valley, there are many reasons you should hire a professional painting contractor. Painters who are loyal to specific vendors such as paint manufacturers or home improvement stores can earn hefty discounts on materials and paints.

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  4. Depending on the provider, you can also earn other perks, such as free paint delivery and even free customer leads. Make sure to compare both the paints and the professional reward programs before selecting a vendor to provide your paint and supplies. All Rights Reserved. Follow us on key key. ProPainter Websites. Increase Referrals and Eliminate Pay-Per-Person Marketing Marketing that costs money for every person you reach effectively reduces your profit margin for every single job you take.

    Take Advantage of Vendor Discounts Painters who are loyal to specific vendors such as paint manufacturers or home improvement stores can earn hefty discounts on materials and paints. Provide customers with a detailed quote , delivered when you say it will be delivered. So this happened. Do you and your better half ever accidentally dress the same? Or like if a brother and sister got married and their parents dressed both of them before sending them into the world.

    Add value from the first contact.

    Why Start a Painting Business? | Painting Business Pro

    Offer your prospect something they desire from the very first contact. This can be anything from immediately getting back to them, to connect them to your best references right out of the gate. Explore the possibilities. Rather than assume you know what your prospect wants, take the time to explore different options until you find one they can get excited about.

    "How to Pay 50% to Sub Contractors" By Painting Business Pro

    This is the beauty of the consultative process. Doing this the right lays the groundwork for a sale because you know exactly what your client wants. Invite your customer to participate in creating the ideal solution.

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    Plus, this makes the perception of risk go way down, making it easier to move beyond trust barriers and commit to action. Provide confirmation. Confirm every decision as you go. Stay in touch. Once the sale is done stay in touch with the customer. Talk to them about delivery dates, and invite them to track the progress of their project in client hub. Industries Find Your Industry. Making more money through a new business model. Get your license and permits in order.

    Pay attention to what your customers ask for and what they need. View this post on Instagram.

    How to Start a Painting Business for $500

    Win more sales by building trust right out of the gate. Get Access. How to take a consultative approach to make more sales. Quote, schedule, invoice, and get paid—faster! Run a contracting business? Find out how Jobber can help.

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