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Targeted studies at both physiological and molecular levels will be needed to better understand the biological complexity behind these commercially relevant traits. Conception of the work: SMe, EC. Drafting the article: SMe, EC. The authors declare that the research was conducted in the absence of any commercial or financial relationships that could be construed as a potential conflict of interest.

Figure S1 Individual proportions of global admixture for the four considered datasets. To estimate admixture proportions of the four test breeds A, Chinese Merino; B, Sopravissana; C, Spanish Merino; D, Australian Merino , each dataset was assumed to be arranged into two sub-populations. Color codes define the admixture proportions for each animal. Table S1 Sheep breeds considered throughout this study.

N, number of genotyped animals.

Correspondance Generale d'Helvetius, Vol. 2: 1757-1760, Lettres 250-464 (French Edition)

Merino genome-wide marker average ancestry MAA for this tested scenario was 0. In bold and italics, loci included within ROH islands detected in the same Merino or Merino-derived breed see main text. Gene ID, gene symbol. OAR, sheep chromosome. Table S13 Results of the gene network analysis. In bold, interactions between genes detected as putatively selected using different approaches. Ahmed, Z. Alexander, D. Fast model-based estimation of ancestry in unrelated individuals.

Genome Res. Allain, D. A design aiming at detecting QTL controlling wool traits and other traits in the inra sheep line. Google Scholar. Beh, K. A genome scan for QTL affecting fleece and wool traits in Merino sheep. Wool Tech. Sheep Breed. Bidinost, F. Wool quantitative trait loci in Merino sheep. Small Rumin. Complexes of Usher proteins preassemble at the endoplasmic reticulum and are required for trafficking and ER homeostasis.

Bolormaa, S. Multiple-trait QTL mapping and genomic prediction for wool traits in sheep. Carlson, T. Protein extraction from human anagen head hairs 1-millimeter or less in total length. BioTechniques 64, — Chai, W. Polymorphism of KRT83 and its association with selected wool traits in Merino-cross lambs. Chang, C. Student Theses and Dissertations. Chessa, B. Revealing the history of sheep domestication using retrovirus integrations. Science , — Ciani, E. Merino and Merino-derived sheep breeds: a genome-wide intercontinental study. Cong, J. The furry gene of Drosophila is important for maintaining the integrity of cellular extensions during morphogenesis.

Cornella, N. Covitz, P. Expressed sequence tags from a root-hair-enriched medicago truncatula cDNA library.

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Plant Physiol. Debono Spiteri, C.

Original Research ARTICLE

Regional asynchronicity in dairy production and processing in early farming communities of the northern Mediterranean. Demars, J. Genome-wide identification of the mutation underlying fleece variation and discriminating ancestral hairy species from modern woolly sheep. Demirci, S. Dreger, D.

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Identification of a mutation that is associated with the saddle tan and black-and-tan phenotypes in Basset Hounds and Pembroke Welsh Corgis. Duhl, D. Pleiotropic effects of the mouse lethal yellow Ay mutation explained by deletion of a maternally expressed gene and the simultaneous production of agouti fusion RNAs. Dymova, M.

Mitochondrial DNA analysis of ancient sheep from Altai. Ebrahimi, F. Detection of QTL for greasy fleece weight in sheep using a 50 K single nucleotide polymorphism chip. Health Prod. Ethier, J. Earliest expansion of animal husbandry beyond the Mediterranean zone in the sixth millennium BC. Fang, X. The Drosophila Fry protein interacts with Trc and is highly mobile in vivo. BMC Dev. Fariello, M. Selection signatures in worldwide sheep populations. Foll, M. A genome-scan method to identify selected loci appropriate for both dominant and codominant markers: a Bayesian perspective.

Genetics , — Furumura, M. Actin bundles in human hair follicles as revealed by confocal laser microscopy. Cell Tissue Res. International Sheep Genomics Consortium, et al. Using regulatory and epistatic networks to extend the findings of a genome scan: identifying the gene drivers of pigmentation in merino sheep. PloS One 6, e Gong, H.

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Associations between variation in the ovine high glycine-tyrosine keratin-associated protein gene KRTAP and wool traits. Guild, G. Actin filament bundles in Drosophila wing hairs: hairs and bristles use different strategies for assembly. Cell 16, — Guo, J. Whole-genome sequencing reveals selection signatures associated with important traits in six goat breeds. High-resolution analysis of selection sweeps identified between fine-wool Merino and coarse-wool Churra sheep breeds.

Harmon, C. Evidence that activation of protein kinase A inhibits human hair follicle growth and hair fibre production in organ culture and DNA synthesis in human and mouse hair follicle organ culture. He, Y.

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Henry, H. Wool Technol. Hung, R. SelR reverses Mical-mediated oxidation of actin to regulate F-actin dynamics. Cell Biol. Ivanova, M. Correction: Pioneer farming in southeast Europe during the early sixth millennium BC: Climate-related adaptations in the exploitation of plants and animals. PloS One 13, e Pioneer farming in southeast Europe during the early sixth millennium BC: Climate-related adaptations in the exploitation of plants and animals.

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