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Aber wieso steigt die Infektrate von Laufern nach einem Marathon? Liesen Wieso ist die zweithaufigste Ursache fur einen Trainings- und Wettkampfausfall bei Leistungssportlern eine infektiose Erkrankung? Weineck Scheinbar beeinflusst Sport unser Immunsystem negativ. Therefore, this study comes with a few limitations that warrant discussion. The most notable limitation of the present study was the narrow post-training window in which capillary blood samples were taken and the subjective measures of acute recovery and stress. However, it has to be noted that the study was designed as an applied study in the field.

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In contrast to laboratory-based research, our post-training capillary blood samples were not obtained at distinct time points after the respective training sessions. In fact, we had to cope with a delay of 30—45 min post-training. Yet, we acknowledge that different post-training time intervals are a limitation of this study. Data from this study do not allow to determine resistance training specific dose-response relationships in the context of training-induced changes in subjective symptoms and objective signs of immunological responses.

Well controlled laboratory studies are needed to elucidate this research question. It has to be acknowledged that ARSS is limited to rating biases. However, self-reported measures using questionnaires represent the most common form of athlete monitoring on an elite level, and are often favored over physiological and performance measures due to cost effectiveness and practical advantages Taylor et al. Our study is the first study that investigated associations between changes in subjective symptoms and objectively measured signs of stress and recovery following resistance training.

Therefore, when interpreting our findings, it has to be taken into account that research in elite athletes always comes with certain limitations that are specific to the field setting. Finally, we examined young track and field athletes with a mean age of Caution is needed when translating these findings to other sports, training types, or cohorts.

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We were able to show for the first time that demands during resistance training are related to immunological responses in young athletes. What practically relevant recommendations can be provided for practitioners working with young athletes? First, as was already shown for endurance training, resistance training is associated with training-induced immunological responses in adolescent young track and field athletes.

Thus, daily monitoring early in the morning and in the evening of subjective and objective measures of immunological responses for at least 48 h Spence et al. Second, with reference to the identified associations between ARSS and blood markers, ARSS is recommended to be implemented in daily training routines to monitor subjective signs of immunological responses.

Third, clinical blood reference values should not be used to determine exercise-induced immunological responses.

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Even though we were able to show immunological responses following resistance training in young track and field athletes, capillary blood markers did not exceed the reported clinical ranges. In order to detect resistance training-induced immunological stress responses in young athletes, the following aspects should be considered for future research:. It has to be noted that even though these blood markers changed significantly due to training, they did not exceed the clinically relevant range.

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However, to the best of our knowledge, our assessment of changes in subjective symptoms and objective signs during a 7-day resistance training period is a new approach that was not yet tested in a clinical setting. From this it follows that we cannot deduce clinical implications from our findings.

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Blood flow was then measured every 10 seconds for a period of 90 seconds.

All the above tests were performed in a dedicated quiet room between h and h to prevent data bias from noise and circadian rhythms. The exercise protocol used for cardiopulmonary exercise testing involved running on a treadmill whilst oxygen consumption and anaerobic threshold were investigated Table 2. The highest value measured for oxygen consumption was taken as the maximum cardiopulmonary capacity and anaerobic threshold was assessed using the v-slope method [22] , [23]. The Wilcoxon signed rank test was applied to scan the variables between each measurement and the spearman rank correlation was used for non-parametric correlation analyses between different parameters.

The statistical analyses were performed using StatView 4. We studied the effect of training and recovery on parameters of body composition, endothelial function and markers of the immune system in 10 professional first team soccer players aged 20 to 36 years of the German Bundesliga. All clinical parameters: heart rate, blood pressure, serum electrolytes, glucose concentration, kidney function and others showed normal values Table 1.

The values for a single player were not available in the final measurement session due to a stomach virus. At the end of the regular playing season, players showed a mean body weight of Significant changes in body composition were observed during the test stages Figure 1. A significant reduction in body mass was found at the end of the recovery phase, followed by a slight increase after pre-season training end of regular season: This could be accounted for in the reduction of lean body mass Fat mass increased during the recovery phase and decreased during the pre-season training In parallel to changes in the body composition, enhanced serum creatinine levels were observed at the end of the recovery phase.

Blood urea remained unchanged at this time. At the end of the pre-season training, both parameters reached baseline assumed to be end of playing season levels again. Although no statistical significance was observed between the time points, the levels of creatine kinase Examination of the peripheral venous blood flow showed significant differences between the phases of physical stress and recovery.

Both the resting and post-ischemic blood flows were subnormal in the athletes at the end of the playing season, reaching levels comparable with mild chronic cardiac failure patients [21] , [24] suggesting compensated hypo-perfusion. After pre-season training for the following season, resting blood flow showed even lower levels when compared with baseline values baseline 7. A significant increase of nitrate was observed at the end of the recovery phase 2. In parallel to enhanced levels of NO, total IL-8 and leukocytes were also upregulated after the recovery phase.

This leukocytosis was due to an increase of granulocyte and monocyte counts, while lymphocytes were decreased during the recovery phase Table 3. Thereafter, a significant correlation between the change in IL-8 levels and changes in leukocyte count was observed from recuperation to pre-season training Figure 4. These levels returned to post-season levels after pre-season training.

There is a lack of data on the influence of chronic stress on the physiology of elite athletes. Following a 4 week recuperation period, a significant decrease of lean body mass but a not unexpected increase in fat mass has been observed. During this recuperation period, raised serum creatinine levels suggest an increase in muscle turnover.

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  8. These changes were almost completely reversed after pre-season training for the new season. Remarkably, both resting and post-ischemic blood flow were greatly reduced after the playing season's stress, but both parameters increased to normal levels during rest and recuperation. Recovery was also characterized by rising levels of granulocytes, total IL-8, serum nitrate, ferritin, and bilirubin.

    Periods of intense training were clearly associated with chronic stress and anabolic metabolism in the elite athletes investigated in this study. Interestingly, we found vasoconstriction with a reduced peripheral venous blood flow ave. In comparison, normal controls have shown blood flow values of The subjects' response to physical and psychological stress was further established by neutropenia and monocytopenia during the season, resulting in partial insufficiency of innate immunity.