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Exceptionally quiet bit of OFT. Enter the water and swim upstream as far as you like, then glide back to the trees at the beach. Helps to put a marker on the trees. The Thame is 1 km upstream and a good point to turn round. Fantastic spot for moonlight swims which we have done there for many years now. Share This swim has been added to 0 collections. Skinny Dipping. Family Friendly. Hazards at full moon swim beach: Tides. Tide Watch. Falling Rocks. Submerged Objects. Prone to Flooding. Jumping and Falling. We kept orange buoys on our left and green buoys on our right. Round Lake — At the end of the half circle course we came to our first navigational challenge.

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The swimming connection from Patterson Lake to Round Lake is a culvert. From a distance the culvert did not look too challenging. A Lifeguard was standing in the water and kept us separated from the 10K swimmers who were still swimming up the course. Thanks to the 3 second starting procedure, we had plenty of room to swim through the culvert.

As we swam out of the culvert we entered Round Lake. Round Lake had a number of cottages around the shoreline. As you look at the two pictures on the right, you can see the one place I went off course. You can see a left turn ahead, and I did not see the swimmers in front of me making the turn. I went straight and when I sighted, I did not see anyone. I was soon back on course. Look at the pictures below and you can see the beginning of the short stream that connects Watson Lake to Half Moon Lake.

This was another part of the course where we were lucky to not be part of a large pack of swimmers. I swam, but I saw several swimmers running or walking, and that was legal on this course. Nancy and I had fun checking out this Bridge. Thankfully little Willie P was not around doing his thing. We then came out into Half Moon Lake. I had swum to the Moon. Now I just had to swim across the Moon and the race would be over.


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Half Moon Lake is a large lake and I noticed the homes along the shore. I had almost a mile to go to finish the swim. Finally I was able to see the finish area. I knew I was close as I was passing the special floats that were used for the 1. One of the floats was a large Unicorn, and I could not stop smiling as I passed that float. As I neared the finish I was able to look up and see the cabin we were staying in.

I knew that hot tub was waiting for me. My body was sure looking forward to the Hot Tub. Then I did a quick sight and there was the finish. Nancy snapped this picture of my finish.

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My running days are over and now I walk out. It was a fun, challenging and wonderful swim. I swam the course in 1 hour, 29 minutes and 14 seconds. That placed me out of the I was also the oldest swimmer by 11 years. So I felt really good about my time and the swim.

Epic Races, the organizers of the race did a fantastic job. Seven hundred fifty swimmers were entered in the four different races and there was also a wetsuit division in each race. They had 58 kayakers and Stand-Up Paddle Boarders along the course to guide you and watch over the swimmers.

The chip timing system worked well. Lap tops were available at the Registration Tent where you could check out your finish, your pace time and your placing. We stayed an extra day in Michigan so we could play tourist. We decided to visit some of the little villages around Pinckney Wilderness Area. The last village we visited, believe it or not, was Hell.

Swim to the Moon - Global Swim Series

Yes, we went to Hell, and we even ate our lunch in Hell. Hell, Michigan, is an actual village. Your email address will not be published. David what a great experience.

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