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The Institute for Advanced Study is an equal opportunity institution encouraging a diverse pool of applicants.

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We believe in the inherent value of diversity and equal opportunity, recognizing that a truly diverse workforce will bring a wider array of perspectives, as well as more innovative and effective solutions, to the organization. As a community dedicated to intellectual inquiry, we are resolutely committed to the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. We offer a competitive salary and benefits package which includes subsidized health and dental insurance, an excellent retirement plan, and a generous paid time off.

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We offer a competitive salary and benefits package which includes subsidized health and dental insurance, an excellent retirement plan, and a generous paid time off program. We will be accepting applications for the Archivist position through October 1, Get our latest articles, updates, jobs and courses delivered directly to your inbox.

Job profiles Film and TV drama Archivist.

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Film and TV drama. What does a film archivist do?

Organising information: catalogue, file and input systematic metadata Media formats: understand the different types, convert between them Attention to detail: take pleasure in finessing metadata and catalogue information Communication: understand the needs of those using the library, supply what they need Watching old films: have a passion for history, movies from the past and what they reveal Who does an archivist work with? How do I become an archivist? You will need a degree and a post-graduate degree to become an archivist. You might also be interested in… Another role with libraries or museums, like being an education officer or working in marketing.

Other industries Visual effects VFX Involves making sequences on a computer that can't be created on set, like enormous crowds and fire-breathing dragons.

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Animation Creates the illusion of movement, includes computer-generated, stop-motion and hand-drawn animation. Did you find this page useful?

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The Archivist

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Core memory fragment Memory jar. Memory shard the Archivist title.

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