The Happiness Equation (Ten Factors that will Help You Find the Happiness You Deserve)

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What constitutes happiness? Is it the absence of pain or an abundance of pleasure? It is simply a fortunate function of the brain?

The Happiness Equation

If it's the latter, then we should be able to manipulate it -- perhaps in the form of a "happy pill. The human brain is a mysterious little ball of gray matter, and so is that recurring dream that you're an elf. Have scientists determined why we have dreams? Sometimes we get so caught up in a cinematic dream that we think we've actually experienced it, even after waking. What causes us to dream, and why is that grizzly bear always chasing us? No man is an island -- unless he has a score of Twitter followers and Facebook friends but no one to go bowling with.

Loneliness isn't just all in your head, but it definitely affects your brain. Computers can handle far more calculations per second than the human brain, and can store and retrieve information very reliably. Should we be jealous of these hunks of silicon and metal on our desks? Computers can make calculations faster than the human brain. But thinking and calculating are two different things. Can computers be programmed to think for themselves better and faster than we can? We'd like to think we're pretty clever, but when you correct for body mass, dolphin brains aren't far off from our own.

What cognitive skills do dolphins possess, and could they really be our intellectual equals? Once scientists discovered that some members of the great ape family could recognize their reflections in mirrors, academics began to wonder whether these animals were actually conscious of themselves. That debate continues today.

Studies show that women are more sensitive to pain than men, despite their bodies' ability to withstand the agony of childbirth. Does social conditioning help men keep a stiff upper lip when they're hurt? Or do emotions and estrogen factor into this painful equation?

The great bullies that have graced the movie and television screen are mostly males, from Bluto to Biff Tannen. We tend to expect boys to throw the punches. But just because girls aren't bloodying noses on the playground doesn't mean they aren't fighting dirty. It doesn't exactly seem like something the human body would do -- let a large portion of itself go to complete waste. Is it true that most of your brain is on permanent hiatus? Three weeks of hard work. Is that all it takes to kick your smoking habit, taste for junk food or serial inability to stop hitting the snooze button?

Sounds almost too good to be true, doesn't it? Do Dogs Have Belly Buttons? November 7, Inside the Mind. Why does having too many options make it harder to choose? In the Pursuit of Happiness Pictures It's hard to say what makes people happy because we are all very different. Why are we violent? Why are humans altruistic? What are emotions, and why do we have them? What is happiness? Why do music and art move us?

Are men more violent than women?

How to be happy: the happiness equation revealed?

What is the neurochemistry of happiness? How do we make decisions? Why do we make bad choices?

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What is the secret to happiness? Will there ever be a "happy pill"? Why do we dream? Don't cause harm, encroach on others property, violate moral law, or damage the environment. Don't lie, insult, or cheat in pursuit of financial wealth.

Introducing the how of happiness.

The rule is simple: if it doesn't feel right then it probably isn't. If you don't feel comfortable telling your spouse, children, and parents what you are doing, then you probably shouldn't do it. Never choose expediency over integrity because no amount of financial wealth can replace a good night's sleep, a clear conscience, and a peaceful mind.

Humans are social animals which makes us cautious to venture independently. Yet, wealth doesn't come from following the crowd. It results from doing what others won't so you can have what others never will. It takes courage to be a self-starter and be self-responsible.

It takes courage to walk new paths and develop new skills. It takes courage to stand out from the crowd. It takes courage to put out the extra effort when others don't. In short, it takes courage to build wealth. It may be true that the nail that stands up is the nail that gets hammered down, but it's equally true that the nail that never got driven is the nail that didn't fulfill its purpose.

Wealth is the cumulative result of many little things added together and compounded over a lifetime. That means your daily habits will make or break your success. Saving, investing, reinvesting, and growing your financial and business intelligence are all essential wealth building habits that require persistent and consistent effort. In other words, wealth building requires discipline. Without discipline, you risk falling prey to the number one wealth killer: procrastination.

The Happiness Equation

You must begin the right habits today without delay. It takes discipline to overcome procrastination by starting today and persisting tomorrow. Related: Why you need a wealth plan, not a financial plan. Wealth happens because you do what it takes to make it happen. Luck comes to those who make their own breaks, and this course shows you how to do it. This myth is perpetuated by brokerage ads filled with sailboats, European vacations, and perfectly manicured golf resorts.

The problem is consumerism causes your limited resources to be directed toward lifestyle and away from building wealth. They are competing demands for the same scarce resources — and only one can win the battle. The reality is wealth is a form of delayed gratification. Wealth builders live modestly by spending less than they can afford in money, time, and energy , so they can invest the difference for greater value in the future. They understand happiness doesn't result from the material trappings of wealth, because that would only keep them from fulfilling the deeper cause that drives them to success.

Every day you make a choice between consumption today or wealth for tomorrow. The only way to embrace delayed gratification as the most fulfilling alternative without any sense of sacrifice is to have a motivating cause deeper than your desire for lifestyle. If lifestyle is your cause, then consumption becomes the priority — making wealth eternally elusive.

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If building wealth was easy, then more people would achieve it. Yet, few succeed in their pursuit of financial freedom even though anyone can put together a reasonable plan to become wealthy. The difference is consistent, persistent, focused action. Life provides an endless stream of distractions to sidetrack your plans for wealth. The solution is to create a support system that keeps you focused, on track, and literally draws you toward wealth. Your family environment, relationships, work environment, financial habits, daily rituals, and more must be proactively designed to literally pull you toward wealth by supporting and reinforcing your plans.

Financial Mentor's coaching and educational products can help you re-design your life to achieve financial freedom. You can either direct your daily life to achieve your goals, or you can passively allow your days to be filled with alternatives.

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You either get the results you choose, or you get the results that are given to you. Which path will you follow? Leverage is the essential success principle that builds wealth. You won't get wealthy by trading time for money, and you can't do it all yourself.

Building wealth requires you to work smarter rather than harder by applying the following principles of leverage:. Leverage allows you to build more wealth than you could ever achieve alone by utilizing resources that extend beyond your own.

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It allows you to grow wealth without being restricted by your personal limitations. Leverage is the principle that separates those who successfully attain wealth from those who don't. It's just that simple. If you aren't using leverage, then you're working harder than you should to earn less than you deserve — and that isn't going to make you wealthy. You wouldn't build a business without a business plan. Why should building wealth be any different?