The Keys to Forgiveness and Miracles: Secrets of the Sages (Forgiveness Series)

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To his all-seeing eye there is no secret; in the realm of his infinite power there is no miracle. He performs miracles in precisely the same manner as we lift our limbs. Countless have been the instances when disciples and devotees of H. Sri Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj far and near have received great help from him in mysterious ways to ward off physical ills, mental disturbances, intellectual confusions and spiritual setbacks.

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Many have already been published and a few more and representative selection from the devout letters of spiritual aspirants from various places are given here, and they are surely an inspiring reading if only they convince us of powers higher than human and rekindle in our hearts an aspiration and a hope that would spur us on to greater and ever-increasing endeavour to reach the goal of human life. The divine touch of sages healing incurable diseases and at times even bestowing back dead are actually facts in the spiritual realm.

These miracles baffle reason, no doubt; but, more often than not the miracle implies not merely the nullifying of known law but rather the evoking and bringing into play of a higher law of which the uninformed observer is quite unaware. When the cause is hidden from your ken and in the absence of the connecting sequence the effect alone is beheld, you feel it as something supernatural. Clergymen, Doctors and Some Scientists Agree that. Scientists who are Christians do not consider the miracles described in the Bible as impossible, and such scientists now accept that the blind were made to see and the lame to walk.

Miracles are very real things. A miracle is something done by God and can be brought about at any time. Jesus performed miracles while on earth, and Catholics believe that miracles can happen again whenever God wants to intervene. The sceptic tradition established by English-speaking philosophers, such as Hume, had almost worn itself out. The human seems to be more receptive today of these events which do not conform to the general law. It is possible to interpret individual events even if seemingly outside the general law of nature.

All experienced ministers, most doctors, would agree that miracles have never ceased. Scientists have abandoned the view of the universe as a closed mechanical system operated by what are called the laws of nature, but we must still believe in an orderly world, although not to the exclusion of spiritual agencies which are the direct action of God. I believe in a world of law and order, in which the effect always followed the cause. But, miracles usually happen in times of great faith, and faith releases powers that cannot operate unless it faith is present.

In time when scepticism is rife faith does not operate on the same scale. It is usual for Swami Sivananda to tell us and also write in his books that a real spiritual aspirant ought not to hanker after Siddhis or supernatural powers, because when they are desired, further spiritual progress will be arrested. He has seen some instances in which people who were making good progress were caught by the temptation to acquire these powers and from then they had a serious fall.

But a doubt comes to me from time to time. Numerous are the letters received at the Ashram from people in different places mentioning many miracles performed by Swamiji. It cannot be that all who write such letters are uttering falsehoods or are under any hallucination. It is likely that there is a small percentage of self-deceiving persons.

But judging from the nature of the events reported to have happened—reported with many details and meticulous care in the narration—I have to come to the conclusion that Swamiji is exercising supernatural powers or Siddhis.

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If so, will he have a fall? I can safely assert that he cannot fall—because he has risen above the states of rising and falling. Since he has reached the stage in which he can identify himself with the Supreme—call it Atman or Satchidananda or Isvara, as you like—where is the question of rising and falling? When the ego is negated, how can there be any kind of danger?

Of one thing we can be certain. The real Siddha who does not want or care for Siddhis, but who manifests Siddhis for unselfish reasons and as a result of communion with the Lord or the Brahman, is an entirely different person from the little man who has psychic powers to do things which are extraordinary or who has control of spirits.

The power over spirits good or bad is entirely different from spiritual power. And no real Siddha goes about calling himself a Bhagavan or parading his powers. It cannot be said that the Siddha does not know that he performs miracles but they are not miracles to him—they are just ordinary things for him because he lives in the plane beyond the reach of the common man. I have to conclude that Swami Sivananda is one such. But he does not reveal himself as such to all and sundry.

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Is Sivananda a miracle-maker? Yes and no! Time and again he has declared that a true Yogi or Sannyasi should never openly display his spiritual powers. For all his spiritual achievements go in vain if they are exhibited in the market of inquisitive onlookers. But Truth can seldom remain hidden for long. Numerous episodes of amazing faith and devotion pour forth from all parts of the world, testifying the unique, hidden spiritual spark of Swami Sivananda. This Sage, in whom the divine nature is so fully manifest and active, this Sivananda who has been granting sights of his physical form, at the same time to two persons—one in the isle of Ceylon and the other in Santiago, South America—who is he?

Who is this Sivananda, who, while not moving a furlong away from amidst us is reported to have literally stood by the sick patients in a Durban hospital? This Sivananda, whose packets of ashes sent by post all over the world, as Prasad of Lord Visvanath in the temple of the Ashram, have not only been curing the headaches of the housewives in the city of Bombay, acting as laxative to chronic constipation patients in Singapore, but proved to have breathed a new vigorous life into the dying bones of men in South India—who is he?

This Godhead redeemer, this Sivananda, who makes his presence palpably felt by a devotee in Geneva and chats with another in Kuala Lumpur—who is he? Yes: Sivananda has contacted the Godhead within us: he has experienced the inmost principle in us, the Thing-in-Itself, and is in possession of Its powers. The supreme poet Shakespeare has caught in the magic web of his ethereal thought, the very soul of the fact: Sivananda is the Thing Itself.

The Consciousness of this sage does not function, as ours does in us, through the sensuous media of the physical body, through the limitation of the mental apparatus. His is the Consciousness that is unimpeded in its action, pervading everywhere, spreading its tentacles around the world into the hearts and minds of everyone who looks to him. Though present everywhere and by the side of everyone on earth, he is specially felt, or seen or known by only those who have consciously or unconsciously tuned themselves with him.

The most refined soul of an eminent American Poet, tumbled upon this experience:. As we learn from some of his epistles, laden with admiration of the invisible and pervasive greatness of Swami Sivananda that they have been standing either by his picture or by his photograph or in airy nothing, saying of him in the words of Tennyson:. No universally acknowledged world-teacher of a few centuries past, we have reasons to maintain, was so powerful, so popular, so full of divine boldness and energy, so bubbling with joy, so triumphant in his ways, so infinitely confident, so spiritually magnetic, so clever in exploiting normal, supernormal, scientific means of communications to distribute physical well-being, mental peace and spiritual salvation, to countless individuals inhabiting this globe of ours.

There is something within and around the circuit of the self-luminous spiritual form of Sivananda. Of the Sage, Shakespeare said:. Swami Sivananda is the standing truth of the many possibilities of the powers of Consciousness. Did the postman deliver you a registered packet containing a book—yes, just the book that you would have desired to possess this morning?

Then look up for the autograph in the book.

The Art of Forgiving When You Can’t Forget

It is from Swami Sivananda. A spiritual mind reads your thoughts, for Swami Sivananda; and a spiritual force operating on mental thoughts and physical things materialises your thoughts. Did that barren woman in Madras conceive?

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  8. She would tell you that it was a little magic wrought by the repetition of a sacred formula, Mantra, which she received from Swami Sivananda, and that the sage himself had conducted prayers to that effect. A Persian devotee of Swami Sivananda, an in-patient for some time in a hospital in the Russian zone of Germany, was declared by the head physicians of that hospital, to be a hopeless and incurable case.

    However, the doctors operated upon the patient, with a strong conviction that the patient would not survive. The patient who is now hale and hearty, discharged by the hospital during the month of May, , writes that while he was being led to the operation theatre and in the operation theatre itself, he did nothing but with all the faith his heart is capable of, thought of Swami Sivananda and repeated his name; and Lo! The patient began walking on the third day, while others who have been operated upon for the milder forms of the same disease, are lying in the hospital for months and showing no signs of survival.


    But this is only one among the countless cases of miraculous healing that Swami Sivananda has worked. And the story of the life of this light of the world is spiritually exciting and enlightening. Conceiving a curiosity, cynics come to criticise him, but go converted. The miraculous power of the story of the Sage is known to Shakespeare.

    But, whether it is the divine powers of Providence or the forces of the liberated Consciousness, that are working through him, these miracles, or that it is he that has been consciously exercising the highest spiritual forces in bringing them into being, or whether he knows as to what is being done through him, must, for our uninitiated intellects, remain a riddle of the Spiritual Sphinx; for the sage has not so far given a public acknowledgement of his authorship of the many miracles that are being rationally referred to as being performed by him. As we estimate the records of the miracles that Swami Sivananda has worked in the lives of countless souls around the world run into five fat volumes.

    They are remaining unpublished for want of a competent editor who could wield this enormous material, give it a logical correctness and present them for the reading public. Or shall we not be moved by an aspiration to provoke and enlighten the mind of the sceptical sections of contemporary humanity shut as it is in the brilliant shell of the limited experience, enquiry and enlightenment, proclaim the miraculous deeds of the modern Messiah, the Swamiji, whose marvellous modes of transmitting messages to devotees all over the world, have completely overshadowed the modern wonder of wireless that depends for sending its signals on the existence of electrical waves and cannot afford to dispense with the transmitting and receiving points?

    The scientific method of observation is limited to the objects of the senses and intellect. It is yet too imperfect to be applicable to transcendental facts. Still the miracles of a saint must be reported objectively. Hence in themselves the miracles have a pragmatic value.

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    What is a miracle? It is not an illusion of magic. This includes individual or collective or even cosmic problems. When I first met Swami Sivanandaji in the problem of marriage was agitating my mind. He guessed it.