The Murmur of Plume to Parchment II: Imagine this...

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Chalkley Hall. To Ronge. To my friend on the death of his Sister. Daniel Wheeler. To Fredrika Bremer.

To Avis Keene. The hill-top. The lost Occasion. In Peace. To my old Schoolmaster. The cross. The hero. William Forster. To Charles Sumner. To Georce B. To James T. The memory of Burns. In Remembrance of Joseph Sturge. Brown of Ossawatomie. A Memorial. Bryant on his Birthday. Thomas Starr King. Lines on a Fly-leaf. George L. To Lydia Maria child, page The singer. How Mary Grew. Fitz-Greene Halleck. William Francis Bartlett.

Bayard Taylor. Our Autocrat. Within the Gate. In memory. The poet and the children. A welcome to Lowell. An Artist of the beautiful. To a Cape Ann Schooner. Samuel J. Occasional Poems A lay of old time.

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A song of Harvest. Kenoza Lake. For an Autumn Festival. The Quaker Alumni. Our River. The laurels. June on the Merrimac.

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Hymn page A Spiritual Manifestation. The golden Wedding of Longwood. The Library. I was A stranger, and ye took me in.

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Centennial Hymn. At School-close. Hymn of the children. The Landmarks. A greeting.

Winter roses. The Reunion. Norumbega Hall. The Bartholdi Statue. One of the Signers. The tent on the Beach The wreck of Rivermouth. The grave by the Lake. The brother of Mercy. The Changeling. The Maids of Attitash. Kallundborg Church. The Cable Hymn. The dead Ship of Harpswell. The Palatine. Abraham Davenport. The Worship of Nature. At sundown The Christmas of The vow of Washington. The Captain 's well. An Outdoor Reception. Burning drift-wood. Holmes on his Eightieth Birthday.

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James Russell Lowell. Lydia H. The Birthday Wreath. The wind of March. Between the gates. The last Eve of summer.

By John Galsworthy

To Oliver Wendell Holmes. Poems by Elizabeth H. Whittier The dream of Argyle. John Quincy Adams. We used to practice kissing on the back of our hands, a few times on each other. She told me about what happens in the bedroom, but she never mentioned anyone watching. Nor did she mention being gazed upon as if I were just a means to an end, a life-size doll not nearly human enough. The bed is big enough to be an island. She smooths my hair back and glides her fingers down my face as Master Edward nudges my legs open and settles above me.

His sweat tastes saline.