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He floats like an angel, but he stings like a warrior: "They'd rather fuss and fight than say it's my country," he accuses with measured outrage. Throughout the album, the word "they" invariably refers to White America. For all the militancy of "This Is My Country," however, Mayfield's warmth and wisdom make it feel more like a challenge than a condemnation.

Ken Morrison / Mark Reiman

The core of This Is My Country is pure candy, albeit with an acidic aftertaste. The first 12 seconds alone of "Gone Away" launched a million soft-soul tearjerkers of the '70s.

Mayfield's orchestral curlicues, sophisticated melodies, and fluidly unorthodox time signatures had a huge impact on the songs fellow Chicagoans Eugene Record and Barbara Acklin were starting to craft at Brunswick Records, as well as on the velvety sounds Thom Bell and Gamble And Huff were cooking up in Philadelphia. The evening starts with Britannia Penny Layden convening a meeting with representatives of Caledonia, Cymru, Northern Ireland , south-west England, the north-east and the east Midlands.

The actors who speak for their specific territory hold up photos of the interviewees whose testimony we will hear. In much the best part of the evening, we then get six arias from highly articulate individuals.

This is my Country …

The class divide surfaces in Scotland where a former state school pupil resents the privileged enclave of neighbouring private school Fettes. A former police officer from Wales talks bitterly of a tenant who claims more in benefits than she herself ever earned.

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  4. An east Midlands resident reminds us that Britain is not the land of milk and honey of which many immigrants dream. I had hoped for more such extended monologues. But, divided up into separate subjects such as Europe , patriotism, immigration, the vote and its aftermath, the evening becomes increasingly fragmented.