What You ALWAYS Never Wanted to Know About an LDS Mormon Mission

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As an avid learner, I appreciated the quiet time I had to read and study. I actually got comfortable in MTC by the 6th week or so. I met some incredible people who became very close friends. Our district collection of about 10 missionaries was tight-knit, and we had a lot of fun together. More journal entries from the MTC.

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Here is my first journal entry after arriving in the mission field in Lago Sul, Brasilia …. I wish I could have written yesterday. There are so many new things to write about. Yesterday I had my first interview with the Mission President and got my new companion. I can understand what people are talking about general subject , but not specifics.

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I need to learn a lot more words. Yesterday was stressful.

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My companion is making me do street contacts, which is good for me I suppose. I was clearly very ambitious and excited to be a real missionary and I spun every trial into a learning opportunity. I truly have my mission to thank for imbuing me with undying optimism. Although everyday was stressful, I learned how to cope with the stress in a positive way. I was in a stage of shock; in just a few days my world drastically changed once more. I became very pensive and made deep observations about everything around me.

Emotions just come flooding in, as if my mind were a house with a bunch of windows and it snowed so much that the house was covered. And when I have a spare moment, all the windows open at the same time, causing snow thoughts to pile in all at once. Wow that sentence structure was bad. I love this, though, seeing another side of life.

I like this. This is good for me. My first area you move around few months or so helped me adopt a new perspective. I became less self-absorbed. I learned empathy and compassion. I started sharing more. I began to listen more than I spoke. I shrugged off people who criticized me. I pursued a purpose. In Lago Sul I also met some people who inspired me to be better person.

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I was relieved that he talked slowly. Like all the people I really like, he acts and lives with his soul.

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He is genuine in his happiness, interest, and concern. He asked many questions and thought before he spoke. He seems to be fascinated by a lot of things. He said he lives openly, willing to talk to anyone. They express joy or concern just as much as they feel it, unabashed by the attitude of the people immediately around them. Amidst these beautiful lessons and epiphanies, I had many hard days…. This week has been hard emotionally.

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I keep praying for comfort but I never feel it. I know I have to work harder in order to forget the void I feel. And one of the hardest periods of my whole mission…. We did poorly this week in terms of numbers and my companion reminded me of all the things I do wrong, so that made today hard. Somehow he managed to talk to 72 people without me noticing…. He never compliments me and just criticizes me and tells me everything I should do, never asking if I want to do it. I just had to write down my thoughts to get relief. With that amount of time together, there are conflicts.


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This period of time in my mission was the lowest I ever felt about myself in my life. I was trying my best but I was criticized and made fun of constantly. I tried to stay positive in my journal because I knew my kids or someone else would read it some day. The perfectionism extended all the way into my innermost thoughts and I hardly ever let myself complain to others or to my journal.

While I was in this area, at least once a week I would go the bathroom, sit on the floor, and just cry. It was the only place I could be alone and really think. Thankfully things got better once I moved to a new area.

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I got to live in an apartment with 3 other missionaries instead of just one and I met one of my best friends there. The area was dirty and messy, and no missionary went through it without getting sick for a week, but we made the best of it. This was definitely one of the more positive periods of my mission. Here are a few more pictures of people and activities from some areas I lived in that I enjoyed…. The greatest gift I got from my mission was the opportunity to meet incredible people.

I fell in love with Brazilians. I will always miss this about Brazil.

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  8. Unfortunately, after this is area is where major cognitive dissonance began to haunt me. The term cognitive dissonance is used to describe the feelings of discomfort that result from holding two conflicting beliefs. In order to baptize someone, they need to attend church.

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    5. In order for them to go to church, you need to teach them. In order to teach them you need to find them. LDS missions are run like businesses. Some of these key indicators are:. Missionaries are required to set goals each week and exercise faith and hard work to reach them.